Dragon City battle game to build friends with building island


If you like to play battles then this game is really meant for you because you may breed dragons and get stronger dragons. Also you may play the heroic race as well as you will you get a heroic dragon in the game.

Dragon City is an awesome game because you can have race that is a lot of fun and you can level up and by utilizing Dragon City Hack can unlock many cooler stuff in the battle game.

Dragons are in need

A master of the game has captured some dragons. You have to fight in epic of 6v6 battles and have to save the dragons and you can win amazing rewards. There you can build your own island full of dragons.

Empowered dragons of the game

Each level after unlocking a door keeps an empowered dragon in the game. You may notice these robust dragons as they become bigger on mobile screen. In hard mode of the game, higher HP and in easy game mode, the empowered dragon has typical empower one dragon.

Keys to get progress

You are need of the keys to unlock doors to get progress and to reach next fighting mode. So, for that you need to have more keys to unlock it.

Kinds of dragons in the game

There are various types of dragons to have and breed and feed them to convert into most powerful and save your own island from other opponents in the game. these are known as Fire Dragons, Nature Dragons, War Dragons, Legends Dragons and many more. Every week some kinds of new dragons join the game for that you need to update your version of the game and should have game currency to obtain them. Dragon City Hack is going to be beneficial in buying or having more dragons and you can also provide them space to sleep, eat and live pleasantly.

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