Kick the Buddy – An Ultimate Guide that You Should Know!

Kick the Buddy – An Ultimate Guide that You Should Know!

Kick the Buddy is an amazing and doll beating game. First, you need to complete the tutorial in order to learn the basics regarding weapons, earning process, and so on. Players have only motive in the game is to beat up the buddy by using the massive number of unique weapons.

Moving further, but make sure, gamers have to know the strength and weakness of each and every weapon so that they can use at the right time and right situation too. In order to make every task much easier in the game, then you can use Kick the Buddy Cheats tool without spending anything on it.

Top 2 Useful Tips

If you want to know the importance of In-Game Currency in the early stages or make the challenging task easier, then you must follow the tips which are mentioned below.

How to Unlock Useful Weapons?

There are plenty of weapons available for you that can be used in Kick the Buddy forever. In simple words, unlocking special weapons means being able to beat up buddy in different ways. The more you beat up, the more you get precious guns, bombs as a reward. Some weapons can be bought from the game store by using coins and gems others can be unlocked by watching the certain number of promotional ads.

Wisely Spend In-Game Currency!

Coins and gems are two of fundamental In-Game Currency available that hard-to-earn in Kick the Buddy game, so gamers should spend both of them on useful tasks otherwise they may need to buy it from their real-life money. A Kick the Buddy Cheats tool is available in the game for gamers that help them to generate every type of resource in the desired amount or even at free-of-cost.


A Perfect Guidance to Know about Summoners War

When it comes to the most popular role-playing game then the only name comes to the mind i.e. Summoners War. It includes all classic and stunning features that make it realistic and mind-blowing among all others. The game is for IOS and Android users or players easily download it from their game stores. One best thing which all users should know is that they also get the game in their device by downloading its apk from many online sources. Some Summoners War classic features are mentioned below –

·         In Summoners War, players are provided with in-app purchases by which they easily buy all things they want using real-life money.

·         One should know that gamers easily are provided with numerous classic events, objectives and challenges.

·         Also, they are going to know that in Summoners War, numerous characters, levels and stages present which they have to know and then play the game.

·         Different types of in-game currencies are also present in Summoners War that gamers should earn to make progress.

So, these are the best and top-class features that take place in Summoners War and all are the main reasons behind the great success of Summoners War.

More to know about Summoners War

Moreover, there are lots of classic things that are present in the game which you should know before going to play Summoners War. One basic concept of the game is summoners war hack and cheats which they are free to use to get all currencies, rewards and many more things also. In summoners, you are free to apply cheat for all things and then add everything into your Summoners War account. It is the best and easiest method to get everything without facing any type problem and you also make progress easily.


Monster Legends Tricks and tips — What exactly you need to understand


The actual strange factor is the fact that there’s absolutely no tale. Nevertheless, the actual game is really enjoyable and also the game play could keep you just busy night and day so you won’t actually discover this particular. You’ll end up being continuously fighting as well as picking out brand new monsters which you may not really understand this particular till afterwards within the game.

You’re most likely acquainted with the actual game play in the event that you’ve performed additional cellular Or Fb video games such as Monster Town. Monster legends had been obviously influenced with that game but additionally were able to expose something totally new (or even, more specifically, some thing instead aged) towards the game.

For this reason a person can’t be ready for this particular encounter if you’re a newbie. It’s a heavy and sophisticated game and you ought to consider any kind of suggest that is offered for you. That’s the reason why, this informative guide is stuffed with ideas as well as techniques for Monster Legends Cheats. I’ll let you know that to obtain brand new animals, earn fights, generate benefits making your self far better as well as strongerduring this method.

Let’s begin with the actual fight because this is actually the substance from the game…

Most significant reason for fights within Monster Legends!

When you are around the journey chart, you’ll have a opportunity to struggle with additional monsters. A few of these monsters is going to be computer-controlled while some have been in immediate charge of additional gamers.

You may also fight employers that will enable you to get a lot of gemstones, encounter, precious metal in addition to several additional benefits just try in order to beat all of them.

Fighting the battle along with these monsters is simple sufficient however beating all of them is really a good deal of various tale. You will need to make use of all from the understanding available if you’re in order to arise successful from all of these activities as well as enjoy the actual benefits on your own so…


3 Core Factors That We Must Know In Merge Dragons

People are spending much time on online entertainment, and some of them are fans of gaming. The Merge Dragons is an enjoyable game for all of us and in which you will solve various puzzles to merge unique dragons.  The gameplay is handy for us, and we can freely download by the android store. There are many kinds of magical content available. Several types of currencies are used that are namely magical coins, gems, and bricks. Such currencies are used for making many kinds of resources, and we can enhance our playing performance by Merge Dragons tips. In the starting phase, you need to learn about all the basics, and here we are sharing all the factors of the game.

Discover new dragons

For more fun, we need to discover dragons, and you can explore on the land. Hatch eggs to breath dragon and you merge some powerful dragons with your ordinary one. We can also grow some beneficial fruits and increase the playing energy for many tasks.

Heal the land

In the gameplay, one land is placed, and we can bring life by magical things. The land is affected by zombies attack so we can heal it by spending some magical gems. The player can also build his camp for storing various things.

Smash challenging puzzles

Puzzles are a necessary part of the game, and you need to spend time getting more chances. We can merge any item, and most of the players can go to merge five things quickly.  


4 Highlights Enhance Our Playing Knowledge in Golf Clash

Many people are crazy about some sports-based mobile games, and Golf Clash is one of them. It is all about elegant courses of golf and in which you can play with all the online players. The game is open for worldwide, and in it many challenges tasks are available. Lots of players are active on it, and you can be the king of golf by winning various matches. For playing well, we have to collect enough amount of currency, and for that, we can smartly go on the Golf Clash Cheats. Such cheats are effective for all kinds of tasks, and the players can unlock new courses. You have to grab all the important info about it, and in this article, we are guiding about them.

Play worldwide tournaments

The game is suitable with a mobile device, and there are several online tournaments going. The players can join any of them and grab the victory to level up in the game. Each match of the tournaments is effective to become the master in it.

Open, elegant courses

In the beginning, some kinds of courses are locked for fantastic gameplay. The game allows us to unlock them for more enjoyments. By that, we can also get all the useful resources and customizing tools. Different locations are present for us, and we can explore more in it.

Challenge with friends

You can accept and give challenges to your friends. The game provides the facility to play with online friends, and in it, a multiplayer mode is placed for that. By spending time on challenges, we can earn currency.

Weekly leagues

Leagues are vital for playing, and it is an impressive way for speeding up your ranking in the game. Anyone can take some help by selecting the Golf Clash Cheats and obtain free currency.


  City of Love Paris – A Great Creation Of Ubisoft

                                          City of Love Paris – A Great Creation Of Ubisoft

City Of Love: Paris is the great creation of Ubisoft so now you will get the chance to experience the great graphics of the game. You can easily go online and download the game for the Android and iOS platforms. Basically, the game is really useful so now you will get the chance to play and unlock the stories that would be really useful for you. Players are always looking for the sources that give free energy so along with the use of City of Love Paris Cheats you can easily generate a huge amount of funds. In this article, you will read some of the most vital aspects related to the game.

A New Beginning

You are interviewing for the job at the city of the love called Pairs. Therefore, along with the game you will get a chance to meet with different people. Get ready to meet with handsome entrepreneur and publish your guru. Not only this, cityofloveparis is counted in the top rating sources that give free energy so simply take its advantages. In addition to this, there are lots of great locations in the game so simply find out them such as Notre-dame cathedral, Montmarte, Le Lovre, the Champs-Elysees, The quays of the rivers so simply take its advantages. You can read the reviews at different online sources due to this you can easily understand the gameplay.

Final words

Meet colorful and beautiful characters and build close relationships in the game so you can easily meet with them and get ready to play with the game. Instead of this, you can easily meet with the crushes and get ready to get in relation with them. Nevertheless, players can easily unlock the episode and also create their dream love life in the Paris. Even you can also replay the story to try out alternative paths and also explore new exclusive souvenirs. Therefore, this would be the best option for you.


Dragon City battle game to build friends with building island


If you like to play battles then this game is really meant for you because you may breed dragons and get stronger dragons. Also you may play the heroic race as well as you will you get a heroic dragon in the game.

Dragon City is an awesome game because you can have race that is a lot of fun and you can level up and by utilizing Dragon City Hack can unlock many cooler stuff in the battle game.

Dragons are in need

A master of the game has captured some dragons. You have to fight in epic of 6v6 battles and have to save the dragons and you can win amazing rewards. There you can build your own island full of dragons.

Empowered dragons of the game

Each level after unlocking a door keeps an empowered dragon in the game. You may notice these robust dragons as they become bigger on mobile screen. In hard mode of the game, higher HP and in easy game mode, the empowered dragon has typical empower one dragon.

Keys to get progress

You are need of the keys to unlock doors to get progress and to reach next fighting mode. So, for that you need to have more keys to unlock it.

Kinds of dragons in the game

There are various types of dragons to have and breed and feed them to convert into most powerful and save your own island from other opponents in the game. these are known as Fire Dragons, Nature Dragons, War Dragons, Legends Dragons and many more. Every week some kinds of new dragons join the game for that you need to update your version of the game and should have game currency to obtain them. Dragon City Hack is going to be beneficial in buying or having more dragons and you can also provide them space to sleep, eat and live pleasantly.


Beginner guide of Golf Battle


Youths are passionate about many kinds of games, and nowadays most of the game is for the mobile device. Gaming is the finest way for amusement. In recent time one of the top trending games is the Golf Battle, and it is the perfect prize for the lover of golf.  The game is reached on a different height just because of color full them and elegant graphics. It is developed for the Android device by the And it is free for everyone. Anyone can check his playing skills by spending the time on it, and along with playing we can connect with a number of friends for matches. Golf Battle Cheats 2019 is an amazing way for adding new things and expand the gameplay.

Each player knows some basic functions and elements of the game for playing well and for that you have to go with some beginner guides.

Classic mode

It is good for everyone, but newcomers are enjoying much because in which no kind of time limits. The player can take time for perfect in the playing, and there are many easy tasks for playing. It is open for everyone, and the player wants to spend much time on it because it is good for them.

Live matches

The game is connected with server, and all the matches are live. The player can go with some challenges and such are effective in improving the playing skills. Live matches come with different kinds of tools and currencies.

Join clubs

Clubs are a vital factor of the game, and there are various clubs. You have to join any clubs active in the game live and in which you will receive many kinds of advantages. In the game, each player belongs to the clubs.

Upgrade and customize

Most of the players are upgrading things by investing some amount of currency. The game gives the chance of customizing things. It is not free, and for that, we have to add or purchase various things of golf sports. Golf Battle Cheats 2019 is beneficial for buying new stuff without money.


Vital Role of currencies in Game of Sultans


Are you passionate about playing role-playing action game? If so then you should install the Game of Sultans. Nowadays it is the first choice of every game because of its amazing features. From the Google and apple store, you can download the game free of cost. You can easily play this game with friends because of worldwide players with the help of PVP mode. With the help of this game, you can easily give entertainment and enjoyment to yourself. You can also utilize your spare time with the help of this game.

Sources to gain Currencies-

Here the company will give Coins and Diamonds two types of currencies. These both are the main part of currencies for performing different kinds of purchase and upgrade the elements. IN a different way we can say that if you want to purchase any boosters and other elements, then currencies are needed.

You can also enchase the player skills with enough amounts of currencies. In the starting very beginner facing some items related with earning currencies. Here today we are going to share some paths with the help of them you can easily earn a lot of currencies also by getting Game Of Sultans Cheats.

  • Beginner Login with Social Site-

In the Game of Sultans, it is an outstanding source for every newcomer for earning lots of rewards. When you install it the first time, then you have two options available on main game screen. The first is to connect with Facebook and second is play as a guest. You should always choose the second option because it will give you a massive amount of rewards.

  • Daily Bounces-

It is also a fabulous and easiest way to get some free amount of coins and gems. For getting these rewards, you should always run the game on a daily basis. It means when you open the game in a daily routine then a certain amount of free rewards are auto credited in your account. These are auto-refill after every 24 hours or a new day.

As per that for earning the free gems and coins, lots of paths are present like complete the challenges, Advertisement and many more.


Brief Guidance about Jurassic World Alive

The game is recently launched by Ludia Inc., and it is a most popular online simulation game. Jurrasic World Alive is filled with plenty of new and advanced features. The game considers lots of different types of dinosaurs to rule the Earth. The leading group in the game is DPG (Dinosaur Protection Group) and you the member of it in the game.

The game includes various types of dinosaur breeds, locations and lots of other important things. Users have to track different animals with the help of drones and collect their DNA samples. These samples and Jurassic World Alive Cheats help them to increase their level up and get them a right amount of in-game currency.

Attractive Features

Jurassic World Alive is the best game as it consists of various interesting and exciting features. Features make a game more adventurous and make it look real. Following are some important and new features which are given below –

  • The game provides you with high-quality graphics and better sound quality.
  • A wide-range of dinosaurs is available to entertain the users.
  • Different types of locations and areas are available to play according to your choice.
  • Various kinds of new creatures are added.
  • Plenty of islands are available to play on.
  • Multiple types of modes and battles are provided to make it look real.
  • Lots of in-game currency and battery life is also added as rewards.

Final Words

Jurassic World Alive is the most grossing game in this modern era. More than thousands of players play it daily from all across the world. It is the best way to utilize your free time by playing it regularly. To become perfect in it, one must try to play it every day and earn enough amount in-game currency to play it without facing any complications.